jonny eveson | showreel | autumn 2016

My latest reel! With work from the past couple of years while working at Earth London, along with some personal work.

Clients: BAFTA, Discovery, BBC, Oddworld Inhabitants, Sky and Sony.

previous showreels

jonny eveson | showreel | autumn 2015

From autumn 2015 I had been working at Earth London a year.

Clients: BAFTA, BBC, Discovery, Sky, Northumbria University,

jonny eveson | showreel | summer 2014

A range of work up until mid-2014.

Clients: E4, YouTube, University of York, Julian Lennon.

jonny eveson | showreel | 2013

An old showreel containing my first load of freelance motion design and animation work.

Clients: E4, University of York, White Feather Foundation, Playstation

other motion design & animation projects